Safer Internet Day


Learn esafety and make a Safe-Bot at O2 stores for #SID2015!

Safer Internet Day 2015

Safer Internet Day (SID) is an annual international event that puts safe, respectful and positive use of digital technology in the spotlight. As a partner in the Safe programme, DigitalMe will be taking part in SID activities with enthusiasm!


Our New Safe Materials


Thanks to a new partnership with O2 (Telefonica), we have been working with teachers and schools to help capture the amazing e-safety learning we know goes on in schools over the course of the week. This work has led to a redesign of the Safe Social Networking SoW for pupils in both primary and secondary schools.


These resources are an even better complement to the digital world young people learn through, bringing mobile e-safety into the programme and helping to connect families into the learning journey for the first time. If you would like to download the new teaching materials or find out more about the SID activity then please visit


SID Activities


All of these updates and developments will be culminating in our Safer Internet Day offer in February. Key flagship stores across the UK will be inviting children and their families into store to create and share their very own Safe-Bot! These craft robots help young people explore the importance of staying safe online and they are a reminder of important e-safety messages.

In addition to this, children can earn a Safer Internet Day Digital Badge. Young People will be able to create their own Safe-Bot, personalising their robot with an important e-safety message. They can then share their Safe-bot and message through our dedicated web tool at Schools will also be able to download a printable version of the Safe-Bot to use in school and help children earn their digital badges too. Full details will be available at


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