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Work with us

Open badges provide exciting new
opportunities to recognise skills and

Anyone can create open badges. However, sometimes it's difficult to know where to start.

We help schools, charities, learning organisations and employers create badge programmes that develop skills, create a currency for learners and reach new audiences.

From badge design consultancy to implementing national badge programmes, we can help you on your Open Badge journey. All of the profit we earn from our consultancy work goes back into supporting our education programmes.

Badge Design Consultancy

We work with you and your stakeholders through a collaborative workshop design process to identify the value badges can bring to your organisation and the people you work with. The Badge Canvas tool helps you build badges using simple, practical steps. We help you turn your ideas into a robust implementation plan for your organisation.

Once you are ready to launch your badges you need the right tools to support you to create, issue and display your badges. We can provide advice and recommendations on the best badge technology for your programme.

Badge Technology

Open Badge Project

We can help you design, develop and implement badge programmes locally, nationally and internationally. We have a strong track record of deliverying high quality projects to scale with clients including LOCOG & The Olympic Games, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation and The Children's Society.

We regularly deliver hands-on badge design workshops and keynotes at events. If you're interested in introducing Open Badges to your networks, talk to us about how we can bring badges to your event.

Training and Events

Work with us

We can support you each step of the way on your Open Badge journey, from developing your initial idea to creating a global badge solution. We work with schools, learning organisations and employers to use badges to recognise skills & achievements.

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